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Avatars and Robots As Our Future Instructors?
A few weeks ago, I was speaking about the reality that is rapidly approaching of college curriculums utilizing Avatars, on the web Lectures, and Robots. Sounds like a Science Fiction movie, but this reality is coming faster than most people understand. Let me present some dialogue that is additional this.

The thing is, an acquaintance asked if I’d heard of the concepts of avatars in teaching, and particularly pointed me personally to your MindShift academic web log, he then wondered my applying for grants the teacher-student relationship with all the future of robots and avatars and when we believed online college lectures were the future. Interestingly sufficient, i really do, to see many of these and more education technologies completely reshaping how we consider college. Let me now explain some of my experiences and findings.

Now then, once I went to initial DARPA Grand Challenge, during the banquet we sat …

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