Wood Wall Treatments Can Add Beauty And Interest To A Room

Wood can be used for wood wall treatments in many forms to improve the look of a room and make it look more welcoming and cozy. There are many wood wall treatment products to choose from. Some of them can be found at home building centers and others are found at recycling centers, lumber yards, or other interesting places. Buildings being torn down or tree branches can be the start of a great wall. Wood flooring can be repurposed for walls. Wood shipping pallets can be torn apart and the boards sanded and used on the wall. Talented homeowners can find great wood wall sources.


Some rooms will look better and feel more formal with the addition of wainscoting on all the walls. Wainscoting is a partial wall covering of wood from two feet to four feet tall from the floor to the top. The height depends on the room details. Beadboard is a great way to wainscot a room because it comes in panels that one trims to the correct height and installs with nails. The panels fit together end to end for an unbroken look. Beadboard comes in white or unfinished form. When the panels are all in place, they are topped with a molding to finish the look.

Accent Walls

Other rooms have one wall that could be a focal point of the room. These walls need to be unbroken by windows and doors if possible. They could be the wall that the fireplace is located on or that the entertainment unit is in front of. The entire wall will be covered with some type of wood boards of slices of wood. Horizontal placement of the wood pieces looks best in many cases.

Be sure to gather plenty of the chosen wood to complete the project and have extra. Boards must be carefully cut to fit together and to meet the end walls gracefully with a good fit. The boards will be various lengths, all shorter than the width of a large wall. The boards will be pieced together with staggered seams. One row will be above another until the whole wall is covered. These rows of boards must be securely fastened with nails or adhesive and they must be level. When the wall is completely covered, it should have several layers of finish applied.

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