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What Are The Signs On How To Tell If A Girl Likes You?

For all the men out there, we know this very well that when we are sitting right in front of a hot woman, you think that she likes you but still you are uncertain about it. How can I tell if the girl likes me are one of the many question that men often ask themselves. What would happen then is that, men will not make a move knowing that they are uncertain whether the girl likes her or not and they are also afraid of getting rejected.

It can be a great feeling when the girl tells you that she likes you, but we also know that nature does not work that way right? This is why you have to be really keen on knowing the signs on how to tell if a girl likes you wherein you have to know the indirect signs of attraction coming from her. When you know this, it will save you from being rejected especially if the girl is not throwing herself at you and lastly, you will not also miss the opportunity if she is in to you.

Being effective in dating and in attracting women, you really have to learn on how to tell if the girl likes you. Below are some of the signs that you can tell wherein women are attracted to you.

She answers your calls and text almost immediately

If the girl does not like you, then she will never pickup your calls and even answer your texts. When the girl likes you, she will answer all your calls and texts. When you send her messages or call her, she is very happy and will reply and answer your calls immediately.

If you stop talking, she will start talking

For you to know if the girl likes you, while on a conversation you stop talking and try to observe what will be her reaction. Stop yourself from talking at least 5 seconds. That silence will tell you if she is into you or not. If a girl likes you, she will fill out that silence because she does not want the conversation to end.

She will tell you that she wants to hangout with your and one other couple.

You will surely get mixed signals when the girl wants to hang out with you alone, but if she asks to hang out with you along with another couple then it is a tell sign that there is attraction growing. Most often, it consist of one of her best friends and that she wants her best friend to give an opinion about you.

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