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Ways Of Dealing With Racial Discrimination

Corporates and individuals alike are still grappling with racial discriminations in the workplace even at this current time. The reality on the ground has proven time and again that this is not dead and a lot of people are lost on how to handle it. If there arises a situation on racial discrimination at work, it puts both the employer and the employee in an awkward position. Dealing with racial discrimination at work requires the two parties to deal with the issue adequately.

One way to deal with it is by doing some research to see how others have dealt with it that are in your position. See the legal aspect of it is form a lawyer. Social media platforms, online forums and blogs have a lot of information as well and can give you quite a lot of helpful tips and views on how best to deal with racial discrimination at work.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that there is the way of requesting them to echo the remarks and it has a great importance that helps in fighting racism at the workplace. When you have done this, it proves to whoever said that you are not interested in what they said or you just want to have another conversation. You should also consider the need to engage the person who made the remarks in a series of questions as to why they said what they did. You should also keep in mind that repeating the remark aids in making everything clear. You shall be able to know what to do.

The issue of ignoring the remark made is also an essential element that you should consider. Ignorance at times helps in protecting your emotions and it also helps in avoiding a situation in intensifying. Make a point to disregard the remarks.

Make known to the human resource manager what is going on. The human resource manager is supposed to sort you out and speak for you against this person to get you justice. If the HR manager doesn’t help you at all, the best thing to do is to go to the next best person. Your employer will either believe you and help you out or he will ignore your plea. For your employer to take your report seriously, he should see the seriousness of the matter. Find out what the law requires when it comes to this racial discrimination issue and make this known to your employer.

If this is not a one-time thing, it would be wise of you to record it. Make sure to be very specific when you write them down. You don’t want to guess anything so make sure that you are very detailed so that you don’t sound confused. If there was a photo or an object that is proof of the discrimination, make sure to keep it.

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